Our Story

It's time to TELLiT...

In search of ways to calm my soul and clear my mind at the end of many long days, I began my research for healthy relief. I wanted something that didn't require a prescription or hour of my time laying on a couch I didn't own myself. I found myself pulled in the direction of essential oils. Hundreds of oils later, I found myself enjoying their many benefits. This inspired the first fold of my TELLiT journey. 

The second fold came to be shortly after. Another part of me that those close to me know well is my very proud obsession with gift giving. Finding the perfect gift, based on the person you are choosing it for, has a serious rush for me all in itself. The trouble is not always being able to find that one unique and perfect gift.
I thought if I could combine my passion for oils and create gifts that came from my very own hands, I would have something special. And so my candle making journey was born in my very own kitchen (which was unfamiliar territory for me since I can't even boil water but that's a separate story to share). 

Eventually those who I had gifted candles to began requesting I make them more and so TELLiT was born. The name was inspired by the inner flame that led me here and the desire I now have to share it... it just made sense to "Tell It" through my love of candle making! 

I'm so grateful for this journey and those who have joined me on it. What a gift this has been ❤️
By The Way... My name is Rita :) I Absolutely LOVE hearing from all of you who have become part of the TELLiT fam and also fellow chandlers who are navigating their way through this amazing candle making life! So feel free to reach out.