Recycling Your TELLiT Jars

So you love candles (and we love you for it!) but consequently you've probably racked up quite a collection of empty jars! Before you decide to toss them, consider the possibilities of ways to recycle and reuse them. While the ideas are endless here's a few of my favorites...

 Perfect for make-up storage.

The kitchen and crafting storage possibilities are endless. 

Throw some life in to your room by using your jar for small plants.
 I'm always looking for a lighter and a way to store these after using them so they can cool off before putting away. Perfect solution. 

Now let's get your jars cleaned out

There are many methods out there to clean out your candle jars, but I have found the most hassle free way is by placing your jar in your oven on the lowest setting it goes (mine is 170 degrees). Because you don't want to shock your jar with heat, I would go ahead and place it in the oven while it's preheating. Leave your candle in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until the wax is a liquid.

Grab your oven mitt and take it out. Pour the liquid wax into the trash and never your drain. Trust me, it'll clog the pipes and no one wants that.  Any remaining metal from your wick should be pretty easy to remove at this point. With warm, soapy water (cold water could shock and crack the glass) wash out your jar. If you don't want to use your sponge, you can use a paper towel or even just your hands.

And Voila! We'd LOVE to see how you reuse your TELLiT jars! Show us @tellitcandles